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VW2019 crashing on hidden line



Switching back and forth from OpenGL to hidden line works until I include the roof. When switching from OpenGL to hidden line, the whole app will often just disappear.

Have tried numerous views, roofing materials and the crashes are not consistent. Exclude the roof and things appear to be working.

But with the roof, it crashes just about every time.

Did this with a fresh file: 4 walls and a hipped roof without any other details and crashed immediately in top view after switching from OpenGL to hidden line.


I have seen some complaints about hidden line crashes here but could not find a direct correlation or something from VW acknowledging or doing anything about it.

Maybe my searching skills have been subpar but a google search yields much more salient results than the search bar in forum.vectorworks.net.

In either case could not find resolution.


Anyone else seeing this?

And all after getting everything in my setup all current!


- Mik


Fresh install of VW2019 SP2 Build 463397.

Windows 10 Pro for WS  v1809, Build 17763.195


New PC:

HP Z4 G4

Intel Xeon W-2133 CPU @ 3.60GHz 8.25mb cache 6-core

RAM: 32gb

NVIDIA Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5

HPZ38c display


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Mik ,


There is a bug filed on crashing related to rendering in Hidden Line with slabs and roofs. We saw this crash in several user logs (including mine) and have been trying to create reproducible cases to make sure we get to the source of the problem. The crash in my user log was related to the slab object and I was never able to reproduce it. However, I can easily reproduce it with a roof and added the steps to the report last week.


If you (or anyone) come across a reproducible case using a slab, please let me know.

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