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Worksheets - window schedules

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Hello all,

I have a window schedule that is database driven. I have columns for Mark, RO width and height, sash operation, etc. However I need to have certain columns where I just enter text that will not be database driven. How do I do this? I've been fussing around with this for the better part of my morning and I'm about to pull my hair out.



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All data in a database section of a worksheet has to be an attribute of the object (Layer, class, name, type, etc.), information about the object (XCenter, YCenter, etc.) or a Record.Field. The Record.Field can either be from the PlugIn Object Record or from a manually attached custom record. There is no way to just type things into a database cell in a worksheet.


That being said, if you have a record.field that is formatted as text, you can set that to be the cell value and through the magic of 2-way worksheets, any changes you make in the worksheet will be stored with the object and be accessible from the OIP.


For windows you can use the User Fields if you are not already using them for something else  ='Window'.'UserFld1'   Change the 1 to whatever (1 to 10) user field you want to use.


If you are already using the User Fields, you will probably need to add a custom record and use those fields.  

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You only need to change the formula in the database header row. Unless you need to edit the criteria to change the windows that are shown in the database, you don't need to change the criteria. The criteria only effects the objects that are shown in the database. Column formulas can refer to anything about the object shown. If you specify a Record.Field that does note exist for an object you will just get a blank.


There is definitely something weird with Userfld2.  I tried it and it would not take anything. I then went to the OIP/Settings for the window and edited the User Field 2 there and it showed up in the worksheet. After that I was able to edit from the worksheet.   ???


If I can replicate in a new file I will submit as a bug, but for now, try and edit one windows from the OIP and see if that will force the formula to work correctly.


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