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Window Schedule Worksheets

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Good evening everyone. I'm hoping this is an easy one for the group. I need to segregate my window schedules by building and by floor. For example, my window tags are labeled W1-101, W8-101, etc. I need to have a window schedule that only populates the W1 windows, then another for the W8, etc. I added a criteria for Field Value, ID Prefix (under windows), but it won't remove the others. It brings them all in for that floor. Any thoughts?



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If it is showing more than you expect, then you did not get the criteria correct.


When you say set the criteria you mean you are right clicking on the database header row and choosing Edit Criteria?


What are the criteria you are setting?  


Layer is "your layer"

Field Value "ID Prefix" is "W1-"


Since the option is for the field value EQUAL to what you type in, make sure you include the dash.


Can you screen shot your criteria and post it for us to take a look at?


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Yep.  Remember that all items with the same criteria type are OR'd together. 


So your screen shot says give me all of the windows whose OnSchedule OR IDPrefix is 'W1-'


If you really need to be this complicated, you can manually edit the criteria in the data bar, but you will lose the ability to edit using the criteria builder.


After you edit the criteria and click OK to the criteria builder dialog box, take a look at the data bar.  When I do that with a slightly simpler set of criteria (only one layer), I get



=DATABASE(((L='Design Layer-1') & (R IN ['Window']) & (('Window'.'IDPrefix'='W1-') | ('Window'.'OnSchedule'=TRUE))))


Notice the vertical bar character between the IDPrefix and OnSchedule sections of the criteria. That specifies the logical OR function. That means the criteria will return every window on Design Layer-1 which has the OnSchedule checked OR has a prefix of 'W1-'.


Click in the data bar and edit the formula to replace the vertical bar with a '&' ampersand and you will now only get windows that are BOTH On Schedule AND have a prefix of 'W1-'.


It used to be that if you tried to edit a criteria that had been manually edited you would get a warning that you could not use the criteria builder. In VW2019, it appears that the criteria builder will open an just overwrite any manual changes you have made, so be careful.




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