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Section Viewport with turns / interior unwrapped elevation?

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I am wondering what others may have done in the past for a situation I am presented with.  I am essentially wanting to draw a section viewport that jogs and changes direction.  I guess my closest comparison would be from the architectural front.  Say you have a kitchen that is a "U" shape, but you want one view that essentially shows all of the cabinets "unwrapped" you would almost want to make a section viewport for an elevation that is the shape of the "u" just a little smaller.  I have not found a way to do this.  I am essentially trying to do the same thing as this and I have to imagine some people on here have come up with some creative ways to achieve this.

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You can jog a section line, after creation, by adding vertices to it (but I'never tried one that actually wrapped around more than 90º). However, I think it might be easier and perhaps better to use three separate sections, cropped and aligned next to each other as desired. If done carefully it can be made to look like one section.

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Yeah they can jog, but not turn if that makes sense so you can have the section line actually go from 8' to say 16' out but not really change direction which is what I am attempting. 


I wish it was that easy.  What I described is a similar example, what I am actually trying to do is significantly more complicated.

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Hi Matt, I think there are two ways you can do this. First is what Matt P (and I earlier) suggested: multiple VP's placed next to each other. Second would be to create another Design Layer, then actually unwrap your runs, then create one VP along the unwrapped run. This of course means higher maintenance if/when changes occur...

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