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Dashed Hidden Line Lineweight Control

Andy Broomell


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While I'm on the topic, the "Dash Shade" setting isn't as helpful as it could be. In many cases I want the dashes to be lighter as in less opaque, so that they blend with the color behind it. Currently they're just a solid lighter gray, which doesn't look good against a textured background. For example, instead of this:



I'd prefer this:




So combining that with the lineweight wish above, I could achieve this, which is what I want (what I really really want 🎶):


which is much more readable compared to the original image in my first post.

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3 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

We should just be able to assign the "dashed" portion to its own class. This would make it more consistent with everything else and allow control over all its attributes including opacity and colour.


That actually makes a lot of sense. It would be similar, for example, to how attributes for sectioned objects work in Section Viewports.

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