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Dimensions with Leader Line Question

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23 minutes ago, Mitchell (the other one) said:

Try, File > Document Preferences > Dimensions > Custom, then create a custom dimension,  Select it, then Edit and you should be able to control all aspects of the dimension.


Which of those parameters affects the distance of the test from the leader line baseline? I can't seem to make it change with any of those. 😕


I have a feeling the answer is that there isn't a way... unless I'm missing something.

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51 minutes ago, Mitchell (the other one) said:

The topmost field will adjust the distance between the text and the line.


Two examples, the first with the default spacing, the second adjusted to a tighter spacing.


Hi Mitchell, thanks again for responding! Unfortunately, still no luck, as I'm talking specifically about dimensions that have "Leader Line" checked in the OIP, which that setting doesn't affect (well, it does correlate to "Text Offset" but that moves the whole leader line in this case).



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