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End of Year 2018

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If not for you, things like earlier overtake would not happen. I worry that they will promote you 🙂 ! While I know I can be less than pleasant on here sometimes, its always borne of frustration with the software not working as advertised. I appreciate your patience and willingness to try to help. You are an enormous asset to the company (it was a different world in message board land before you showed up).  I will say one thing that may be buried in the message board data is that to be honest, 2019 has been a very frustrating release for many (Mojave not helping) and I wonder if the uptick in traffic is directly attributable to that. That said, your efforts to reign in instability and things like the stair tool from hell are very much appreciated. I'm optimistic that this is going to get better and that we can all look forward to less beta testing :). Enjoy your time off!



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Does your graph indicate the percentage of users actually using the latest release, or just the download numbers? 


And isn't it possible, as jnr already pointed out, that your influence had something to do with those download numbers as well? 


The context for this year's release was the narrative you used to introduce it. I know my own reaction to the introduction –– "Our teams here at Vectorworks, Inc. paid close attention to the wishlist requests and other forum communications this year, and we heard you loud and clear - you want improvements to the quality, speed, and usability of the software . . ." –– was one of great enthusiasm, it "genuinely" had me considering an early jump as well. This statement seemed both definitive and indicative of major changes in Q.A. and approach, "loud and clear" it said!


Now the narrative, with hindsight and the release period over, is that you're telling yourselves at N.A., in a post telling us, that "users are less and less inclined to wait" and that this means you are "more obligated than ever to improve the quality of initial releases" with "multiple new efforts underway". 


What I believe we (users) are actually "inclined" to do, is follow our previous experiences until, of course, we're presented with a reason to reconsider, which is most likely what is shown in your numbers. We were given a story of genuine change and, in your voice, it was genuinely embraced as genuine. 😏 But the irony of this rather odd-looking loop of cause, effect and post hoc analysis Jim, is it seems to expose that the rhetoric about quality was just that, rhetoric, and now, it seems, a little more rhetoric was necessary to mop up the last lot. 


I'm curious as to why this may have occurred and wonder if that's not shown on your graph too? Because the other thing the data appears to show is a 6 to 7% decline in the number of users who bothered to install the previous version at all.






Nevertheless, action = confidence; it would probably help if, instead of nebulous statements like "loud and clear" or "more obligated than ever", we had detail on what the "multiple new efforts" actually are? And help if we knew why it is you now think the Q.A. resources and actions, if any, implied to have taken place for the 2019 release fell short in hindsight?




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