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How do I make metal stairs not metal colored wood

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Diana, you can use the stair PIO to partially achieve what you want:


- Use the stair tool to make the stair.

- Assign a class 'finish' to the stringers and then make that class invisible in the Class Dialog box.

- Model your required stringers in 3D

- Group the stair object and the stringers you have made to form one object


- Use the stair tool to make the stair.

- Assign the required class 'finishes' to the components

- Set the Stringer Width and set the Offset to the -ve value of the width (This puts them outside of the treads).

- Go to Top/Plan view and copy the stair

- Go to a 3D view and convert the PIO to a group (Organise Menu)

- Edit the Group and delete one of the stringers.

- Select the other stringer and double click on it, This will takle you into the mode which will allow you to edit its 2D shaoe.

- Reshape it using the 2D Reshape Polygon Tool into the shape you want (You could also use Decompose and Compose)

- Exit the group which will then give you one stringer as you want it.

- Mirror Duplicate this stringer around the centre of the treads to get the other stringer.

- Exit Group and go back to Top Plan View

- Paste in Place the stair previously copied and uncheck the Create 3D box on the OIP so that you get only the 2D view of the stair

- Add any additional 2D linework you require

- Select both the 3D object and the 2D objects and linework

- Use Create Symbol on the Organise Menu to create a new hybrid symbol of the stair with separate 2D and 3D views.

Both methods have the drawback of producing static rather than parametric objects, but there isn't a lot you can do about this.

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