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Hello @jnr,


Check if you have a Styled Dimension with a Text Style specified on it:

We use several dim standards. One specific for dimensions used in the grid bubble. Another for the general dimensions.

Both of them with a different text style for more control.


You can also:

1. Not text style: nor for the dim standard, nor for the grid bubble (this will work as you expect).

2. Not text style for the dim standards, with text style at the Grid Bubble.


Hope this helps,




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that's odd about the profile. What I have under profile/about me is:


iMac Pro 2017  3 ghz 10-core Xeon W

32gb 2666mhz DDR4 RAM

AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB graphics card

 + 27" apple display

10.14.2 Mojave

Designer 2019 SP2


Turns out the grid bubble in the file has to be corrupted. works as advertised with no text style in a test file. Again, every project every file I work on gets corrupted, slows down, does not function as advertised, the item at hand varies. one file it's the space tool, another doors and windows, this one grid bubbles, another random vaporization/crash, another walls that don't join properly. Bottom line is 2019 is a disaster of quality control and stability. 

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jnr I think your issue would be fixed if you go under dimension standards in documents settings. Edit the current custom dimension standard and change the txt style to un-styled. From there you should be able to edit you grid bubble and dimension size. Annoying.... i know

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