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How to rename plugin files?

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I have an old version of my plugin. It compiled to files MyPlugin2018.vlb and MyPlugin2018.vwr.

I sufficiently changed my plugin and I want to rename this version files to MyPlugin2019.vlb and MyPlugin2019.vwr.

But if I rename these files and put them in Plug-Ins folder instead of old files then Vectorworks hides menus defined in my plugin and I cannot find my menus in Workspace Editor.

But when I renamed files back to MyPlugin2018.vlb and MyPlugin2018.vwr then menus appeared again.


How to solve this mysterious problem? Why filename influence to menu visibility?

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36 minutes ago, Nicolas Goutte said:

I meant that your plug-in should have code like:


const char* DefaultPluginVWRIdentifier() { return "XGShelf"; }


To expand, your plug-in depends on reading values from your strings files in the.vwr, so you need to change the line above as well as any resource calls that name the .vwr path explicitly (usually menu bar and image calls).


In your case, because it can't find the strings file, the plug-in is using an empty string for the category, which prevents it from showing up in the Workspace editor, though it should show in the Plug-in Manager.


Also note that changing the file name won't change the universal name, which is coded in the plug-in implementation, or the display name, which the definition structure should read from the strings file.

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Thanks for the answers. A change of function DefaultPluginVWRIdentifier has solved this problem.

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