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Ability to stretch wall components in plan


Hi all,


In some situations, joining wall components is mighty difficult and even impossible.


There are no good workarounds since using multiple separate walls generate their own issues and is not "BIM".


Wall end caps are sometimes problematic as well and do not fit well into wall joining situations.


Would it not be possible to be able to stretch wall components to where they should be? Simple end-of-component dragging.


Please see the below, these kind of joins are very difficult to use and maintain by using the standard component join.


Maybe component-join functionality could be improved in stead, currently they don't always "obey" what the user says.


Sometimes it is crucial to be able to manually stop a wall component at some certain position, eg. the white wall component should stop before the green bearing strip. Currently the bearing strip is in front of the wall covering it up, howerer at dwg export this is revealed -> the engineer is confused.




Component priorities have been suggested before, maybe those could work as well. The core issue is that we should have absolute, working control where any wall component ends/joins.

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Indeed! Those situations are what we mostly struggle with.


I don't know if it's technically feasible, but it would be great to be able to stretch components in sections and elevations as well. Currently one has to create a zillion of different wall styles to achieve that, as far as I'm aware.


A stepped wall affects the whole wall structure, I think.


If a wall could be a system where one could manually shape, cut and stretch every component in all directions...now that would be something.  Then the user could simply select for plan presentation "show these joined" or "show these with a line in between" etc...okay, I admit I'm daydreaming. But still.

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It would also be good if wall components heights (i.e. shape) could be adjusted individually too. 

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