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K. Johnson

consistent keynote legends across multiple sheets


Is there a way to utilize one keynote legend across multiple sheets? It would be great to be able to use the same legend for multiple sheets when, for example, I have two sheets of Elevations that should contain the same callouts across all elevations. Ideally, these legends could be stored in the resource manager and personal libraries to use across multiple projects.

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Put the keynote legend into its own design layer.  Make sure to use the callout database so that the callout notes are consistent.  That will allow consistent numbering between sheets. You can then make a viewport of the database onto your sheet.  The callouts can go on the annotations layer.

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Hi cberg,


this works as long as you not use any pre. or suffix there disappear if you change a note and you need to go back to all viewports and add the pre. or suffix.😤

Is there hope for VW20?



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So I think 2020 has a database manager upgrade that lets you get consistent keynotes across multiple legends. I’m not on 2020 yet so not sure how it works. 


Meanwhile I have developed a work around to get consistent keynotes across sheets. 

Essentially it works with each sheet having its own unique keynote legend for callouts on that sheet. To keep notes consistent between sheets I use a “Keynote House keep” worksheet that lists all the keynotes. One column in the worksheet lists the callouts text. If I summarise this column I can see if notes are different and edit them as necessary. Changes in the worksheet push through to the legends and visa versa. I can also update all the keynotes from the worksheet. 


Its still a newish way for me to work so I’m still fleshing it out but seems to work pretty well.


i like how legends only list keynotes which are actually on that sheet. 


The only downside I’ve come across so far is if there are multiple instances of a keynote spread across multiple legends it can take a moment for changes to push through but apart from that it works pretty well.


Another way that I haven’t tried yet is to use worksheets as legends. 


Some more info on this thread:


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