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Hatch visibility

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I find when I am getting to completion of a job

with layers say for instance a details @ 1:5.

It may have 10-20 Deatails on it a number of hatch patterns depicting timber,blockand subsrate sections.

The more objects in the layer and especially the more hatch patterns the slower the zooming and screen refresh.

Is there a way of turning off the hatch visibility at this stage of the job with it still as with custom visability or something.

While the hatch patterns were turned off you can still assign and know what hatch it has thru the attributes palette even tho its not visible.

I realize I could set up classes to do this and change the classes at the end but was wondering if I am missing something here that i could do quickly, with say a dozen- twenty classes this may take time.

Maybe this is a wish list item?

dont tell me its a window thing.

Redards Brendan.

XP p4 2.8 processor ,1 gig ram 64 video VWA 11.01

( my other pc with 128 video slows the same )

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Try grouping the specific objects you're working on, say one detail. Then "enter" the group through the Edit Group command. You'll only have the items you grouped on screen, and thus much less overhead for your video card to keep redrawing.

When you're done editing, Exit Group and go on to the next one.

Good luck,

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Hi Travis

Yes good idea , and I do do that at times but as it happens often on these type of details you are bouncing around the layer going in and out of details tidying up. Its then that the video struggles or posioning multiple viewports on an

A1 sheet .

Thanks for the post Travis

Regards Brendan

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Thanks Jonathan

Yes i do do this and I have made a script that allows me to turn on and off ,also you have made a tool that does this in the cd with your manuals .

But to here you say that obvoisly means that this is the only work around and the moment.

I was hoping I was missing something obvious.

Thanks for the reply

Regards Brendan

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Not sure if this will help, but I found a similar probelm when setting up a detail sheet using viewports as part of a construction docs package. Hatches were really slowing down the redraw. I was able to go into the advanced features of the viewport command and adjust the hatch scale which greatly increased the redraw speed.

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