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Hiring a firm for LIDAR?

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Anyone have any experience hiring firms for LIDAR and know what questions to ask/red flags to look for? We have a base survey of 15 acres but there's a lot of odd elevation changes and hoping to capture something a big better and faster while the trees are bare this winter. Focus would be for a permaculture installation, so close to accurate ground plane is important for earthworks concerns.

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Hi @JohnAthayde great to see another permaculture designer in this group. I've used both LIDAR data and elevation data from a drone survey. I've got an associate locally who can take LIDAR data and create one-foot contours which is super helpful. I've only used this once as I prefer drone data where I can get contours and high definition images. The downside is tree cover, this is LIDAR's advantabe. Are you planning on making a site model from this? 

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@J. Wallace Yes. Goal is a site model (existing GIS contours are 5' intervals and missing a lot of the weird spots). This is for my own property. In the midst of designing an addition as well as revising my initial site plans that are low-res/high level concepts. Half of the property is wooded deciduous (Virginia Piedmont) with some cedars, so winter seems like a better time to get good ground reflections. I have a laser level so I could shoot a lot of this by hand, but if the LIDAR solution saves me a lot of time, I could spend that on billable work instead and net even. 

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