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detail callout graphic options problem


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I have a bug with the detail callout graphic options. Version 2019 SP2 OSX 10.13.6

This is what happens. 

At a 1:50 crosssection I create a detail viewport. Set the shoulderlength for the graphic option and choose a sheetlayer to show the detail scale 1:5.  At creation the shoulder lenght for the callout at 1:50 is changed and extends of the page at the crossection viewport. Each callout has to be reset at the desired shoulderlenght after creation back to the scale of the location were the callout is placed. This is a bug I suspect.


The second is the radius of the callout rectangular. The radius only has effect on 1 corner of the rectangular so its useless or this is a bug as well.


The Detail-Callout marker can not be used to create detail viewports which is a pity. Now I have to place rectangulars over my crossections manually and convert them in to detail viewports and each and every time need to do the settings again.


Detail viewports are very handy by itself. It automaticly administrates the numbering and location of details. Editing details is also easier when you use detail callouts.

But there are bugs which makes the proces of doing dozens or even hundreds of detail callouts a hassle. The whole proces of setting up detail callouts should be streamlined to make it an effortless job. It would be great if the detail-callout marker automatically created detail viewports.




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