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Cavity Join with 3 walls

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I have recently been converting simple 5.5" walls into actual wall types with correct width and cavity lines. The cavity join tool works great for similiar walls. It works adequately for 2 walls. But, when I have 4 different wall types, I cant get it to work just right. Back in the day, there was the (adequately) magic Y join tool. I can't find it. Would it even help? Anyone have any technique or suggestions before I start connecting my pretty pretty walls with plain plain lines?

I reviewed these threads:



Thanks in advance.

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I have found at times with this it is critical in what sequence you do this .Although some walls are hard.

Copy a few of your cnrs to the side and try form the inside out.

Diferent sequences effect it differently, I have found, Also toggling some to butt join and some to mitre.

Maybe you just have to cheat with hatch poly's over, this is a desperate work around.

It would be interesting what Archoncad majic would work here.

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I know my enemy and their name is "You can not join the cavaties of Y-joined Walls." While one sequence may work with one variety of wall types, it likely will not work with another.

The tool works great with 2 walls of 2 wall types; but at a T junction with 3 types (or at a X junction with 4 types), I am conceding defeat because guessing the correct sequence just stopped being fun. I opted for making symbols of lines/polys/hatches to snap at corners.

And, yes, wv_, all my drawings are perfect, accurate representations of what will be built on the field. Gee.

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