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Donald Wardlaw

What Nomad Does

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I've had Nomad on my iPad for a long time and never used it.  I now have a new iPad pro and would like to know whether to use or lose this app.  Is there a manual or something like that, which explains how nomad works?  Also, when I launch it, it asks for user name and password.  Is that a user name and password that is unique to the app?




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Use the Cloud menu in VWX to create an account or log in. You’ll need to set everything up to live in the cloud. Once Nomad has access to your work you can view models and PDFs of sheet layers. 


Amondst other fearures

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Thank you Kevin.  I've decided to lose for now.  This app is not necessary to get viewable pdf's on an iPad.  I've found that generating pdf's (such as via Publish) in VW and then air dropping to iPad pro puts them into a Finder like iPad app (Documents) that allows me to organize and archive pdf's for viewing on the iPad.  Drop box handles the sharing with clients portion.  The 3D model part might be useful except I do my modeling in other software, which also offers a model viewing app.  While I notice that Nomad has had a recent update, the reviews in the app store are all most all very negative.  I think it needs another reason for being.  I do appreciate your comments, though.

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