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Selecting walls crashing



Hello Jim,


I've had a similar problem, but with VWX 2019. (I'm kicking myself for installing it BEFORE reading on these forums about the Mojave issues!). Every time I select a single wall object, I get eternal rainbow wheel / application not responding and I have to force quit. If I marquee-select two or more walls, it's fine. Or if I marquee-select one wall and any other object, it's fine. But click-selecting one individual wall crashes me every time, no matter the file (even the extremely simple file uploaded below).


-Yesterday I un-installed and re-installed VWX 2019 (so Vectorworks is up to date, with all service packs installed)

-Mojave is up to date (osx 10.14.2, see attached system info)


I understand that most of the bugs are Apple bug and not VWX bugs. But even after this upgrade yesterday, I'm still having the same problem. And I'm not seeing any threads on here discussing a problem with selecting single walls. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


VWX test file.vwx

iMac - B. Stewart - 12.14.18.spx

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Thanks for the quick reply, Jim.


I did NOT already speak with support, should I have? You mean calling the Service Select number and speaking to someone on the phone? No we have not done that.

To answer your question, when I re-installed vwx2019, I DID restore my workspace. Do you think that might be the problem?


If you think calling support would be effective, please let me know and I will try speaking with them.




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Just now, brandon.stewart said:

I did NOT already speak with support, should I have? You mean calling the Service Select number and speaking to someone on the phone? No we have not done that.

Absolutely. Since i wasn't able to replicate it here, its very likely this is something that can be corrected for your setup.

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Hi Jim. An update:

I've seen a hint of things getting better, but they're also getting weirder 😕 I just uninstalled and re-installed. This time I did NOT migrate my old user data / workspace. And the problem persisted, even in a clean, brand new file. But THEN, if I go up and change the workspace from "Architect" to "Architect-BIM", then I'm able to select single walls without any problem. As soon as I switch back to the "Architect" workspace, the problem comes back and it crashes when selecting single walls.


Any idea why this might be?




p.s. I thought it might have to do with my non-Apple bluetooth keyboard having different shortcuts set up for different keys that clashed with the default keyboard shortcuts in the "Architect" workspace. I thought that maybe, even though I'm not doing any keystrokes to trigger the problem, maybe there's some crossing-of-wires. But then under my Apple keyboard system settings, I tried setting ALL keyboard shortcuts back to their defaults, and then using a DIFFERENT hardwired keyboard (this time Apple) and the problem is still exactly the same.

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Hi Andy,

My condolences! I have good news and bad news. Luckily the problem no longer afflicts me. But the bad news is I don't know what stopped it! I had done everything I could think of to stop the problem (including updating Mojave and VWX all the way, and also installing and re-installing VWX TWICE, the second time telling it NOT to migrate my user data) and STILL had issues for about two days. I got really good at always creating an object alongside a wall that I wanted to select (like a line or another wall) and then selecting BOTH of them. As long as I never had a single wall selected by itself. Super annoying. Then without warning the problem stopped. I do have one other theory though... I take some of my work files home to work on at night, and my laptop is a PC (as opposed to my Mac at work). Also, my PC is currently running 2018 (just haven't gotten around to upgrading). So maybe somewhere along the line the switching between a PC and a Mac corrupted my file? Or switching between 2018 and 2019 corrupted it? Weird though because I could easily open the same files on my colleagues' slightly older machines (I have the newest iMac in my office) and couldn't get the problem to replicate. And either way, even if that WAS the issue, I have no explanation as to why it suddenly stopped being a problem. Good luck. I'll be watching this thread to see if you figure anything out.

God speed.


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I haven‘t experienced or noticed the Wall bug but can‘t test ATM.


But beside corrupted Workspaces or user Settings,

such strange behaviours often happened because of any kind of

migrated data from previous versions.

Which, beside migrated files itself, includes all kind of Template Files

and especially previous PIO Styles. So to test I explicitly use a

non edited blank document template and default Styles from VW

to test in a blank file.


For important migrated files, resetting, delting corrupt objects or

updating plugin objects and purging helps sometimes.


Strange that it works well on an older machine though ....

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I have also found walls in 2019 are more & more becoming unreliable. Here are some of my issues & work-a-rounds:

- Do the Vectorworks Twitch ( command S) after every other step using the wall tool

- Do not zoom in too close if editing a wall, rather use a datum point & either drag or align to that point

- Lock walls as  you work 

- Group some walls such as footings & add to a separate class

- Hold your mouth in such a fashion that one has a kind of half smile half frown grimace 

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