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Hoist Symbol/ Plug-in Object

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Hopefully someone can help me out.  

After configuring a Hoist object, I am trying to convert it to a Symbol/ Plug-in Object. The symbol name is displaying in red, which leads me to believe something is going wrong with the object conversation. When I select the symbol out of my resource manager it selects and places a hoist correctly, but then switches to a 'Hoist Chain Hook Up' symbol forcing me to grab the hoist symbol from the resource manager again to place multiple hoists in a row.  


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Sorry for the delayed response.  


Red Symbols are automatically converted to a PlugIn Object upon insertion. I think that is a problem when used with the Hoist object.


If you don't want this setting, select the Symbol in the Resource Browser, right click and choose Symbol Insertion Options and uncheck the Convert to PlugIn check box.


Search the VW help for 'Symbol Types' for more information on the different types of symbols.

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I want the symbol to be a plug-in object,  but Im still getting stuck on why I am unable to place multiple instances of the same plug-in object.   Once the hoist object is placed my cursor changes to a different symbol object and I must return to my resource browser to select the plug-in hoist again.  


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I am getting the same (similar) results.  After saving a configured hoist as a red symbol, it is possible to select the red symbol and place it as a PIO, but then my cursor shows another symbol selected for placement, the Hoist Chain Hook Up.  As a result, the red symbol has to be selected again for placement.  This may happen because the hoist PIO places that symbol in the 3D portion of the instance. In any case, this is a bug.  I'm not sure what the solution should be, but it should be bug reported.

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