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Clip-Cube not displaying correctly through viewport


Hi gang, 


I'm experiencing issues with viewing a clip-cube view via a standard viewport. 


I set my view up, cutting through my model with a clip-cube, front view, Open GL... looking great. 

I create a viewport and take it through to one of my sheets. 


It immediately displays as wireframe with the correct orientation but with the red update box around it. 

I press update and then it goes wrong...


I get the model from the opposite side, out of alignment and without the clip-cube.

I double click on the viewport and try and put everything back how I want it but the same thing just happens. 


I'm using 2019 on Mac. 


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance. 


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You will need to UPDATE the viewport to see the effect of the clipcube. My understanding is that the Clipcube view is only implemented for OpenGL and Renderworks modes and not for Wireframe or Hidden Line modes.

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Hi Mark, 


Thanks for your suggestion but yes that's the odd thing, I'm always viewing it in Open GL, including before sending it through the viewport. 

It automatically defaults to wireframe when arriving on the Sheet and then after update, reverts to Open GL again but removes the clip-cube view and changes the angle.   

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Make sure when creating the viewport that the display with ClipCube is checked....


Under Advanced properties, make sure Display with Clipcube is also checked.




Otherwise post or PM the file and I can take a look

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Yep Clip-Cube option checked. 


I'm not sure I can share the file as it's subject to an NDA but I'll see if I can strip out anything.


Thank you.

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