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File Size Creep...????



I have a large problem file that I am currently working with tech support to attempt to fix, but in the process I have noticed something strange that I wanted to put to a broader audience to ask what might be the cause.


I have had difficulties recently opening and operating this particular file. I was finally able to get a version open, move around a little, but not make any changes to anything in the. I mainly just flipped between different design and sheet layers. Afterwards I saved, and I noticed that the file size has been creeping upward.


Over the course of five saves or so, without making any real changes in the file, the file size has migrated as listed below

  • 1st Save - 1,716,180 KB
  • 2nd Save - 1,717,524 KB
  • 3rd Save - 1,717,568 KB
  • 4th Save - 1,717,608 KB
  • 5th Save - 1,717,696 KB


I'm not liking the trajectory here and I'm wondering why this creep is occurring/if this is a problem other people are having? These are not substantial changes in size, but without making any changes to the file, I don't know why there would be any increase at all?


Honestly, file sizes in VW have managed to creep up on their own as newer versions have been released, independent of this kind of creep, so I'm afraid of where we are headed.

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Typo in file sizes listed.
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Not an answer to your specific 'creep' question, but have you purged the file? 


On the face of it, if you're not adding anything, it won't help, but at least you'll have rid the file of 'excess baggage'.



Just a thought. File size increase maybe a symptom of the file becoming fragmented over multiple saves especially on a nearly full drive? Tech support might be able to confirm Mac or Win OS will behave like this and that the increases are TBE ('to be expected' in tech speak). You can check this by copying to a different drive and checking file size in its new location. 

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