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Charlie Winter

[Ergo Keyboard] Recommendations that work well with VW

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After many years of working on the aluminum mac keyboard, I am looking at purchasing a new keyboard. My goal is to have more customizable shortcut keys, better tactile response, and a more ergonomic layout.


Looking for recommendations



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Here is my very personal experience.


I think the Mac Alu Keyboard - with USB and NumBlock,

for me is the best Keyboard to type.

I can't really type anymore on the old Apple translucent white key

keyboard as it feels like 2 cm of travel and tedious. Same for other

standard "mechanical" keyboards.

I have no experience with the new Apple Bluetooth Keyboards

with even less key travel though !


I was searching for a Windows Keyboard.

Priority 1, it should look as reduced, simple and not ugly like Apple.

That reduces the offers from nearly infinity PC keyboards to less

than 100.

I would so liked to have key illumination but did not find that for

low travel keyboards at all, so far.

Otherwise my choice would be the Microsoft Surface Keyboard.


So I ordered a HP black Keyboard, Plastic but it looked reduced,

similar to an Apple Keyboard Layout, with a nice reduced Body too,

and it was only $35 anyway.

Travel is low but man does that feel and sound cheap. That would not

be a real problem for me. What is a problem that the printed letters and

Symbols are very small and there are much too many of them on the keys.

Especially Point and Komma Keys are so hard to read and distinguish.


With my next Part Order I did another try, just for fun.

There are $15 keyboards from Microsoft.

Black or White (slightly tan in reality) Letter printing looks very

low contrasty and unreadable on photos but is ok reality and reduced.

But these are neither low travel, more between mechanical and low travel,

neither reduced and simple looking, even non straight, slightly curves,

but somehow still pretty.

The keys form a slight wave from top to bottom (ergonomic ?)

Currently I use one of those, even the black one, and it is ok.


As I wasn't aware of many things I had to take care of before buying :

- check letter prints for cleanness and readability

- check your preferred key travel

- brighter keys are better readable than darker or black keys in general

- illuminated keys would be really nice to have

- I would prefer USB wired keyboards on a desktop for simplicity,

(and be able to power things like illumination or similar)

- I wouldn't like proprietary wireless dongles clustering my rare USB ports

- it would be nice if a keyboard would be kind of dust and water resistant

(My Apple Keyboards die pretty frequently when the cloth to clean was

a bit too humid)

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