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VW 11 / Windows XP

Using the nifty key note tool that places boxed numbers with a leader on my drawing with referenced notes elsewhere on drawing.

Problem is that every now and then I notice that some leaders have shifted upwards and are no longer centered with box!!!

If I double click on them they adjust themselves... but then have to do it again when I open drawing.

Is this a bug?

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Katie: Not sure what that means. I've moved the viewport, and the design layer (small adjustments to fit on page, etc.).

Additionally, upon plotting found several text upside down. These were mostly call outs that had been cut and pasted from another viewport!

But the text is right side up on screen!!

Not good.

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To fix the printed text, checkmark disable driver text rotation in the print dialog box.

Most HP plotters cannot directly process flipped or mirrored text. Hence the check mark box in the Print dialog box.

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I'm having the same problem (should have posted under this topic first) with the keynote leader shifting.

I can get the leader and the box to "reassociate" correctly if I change the leader length (even a tiny fraction) in the OIP. Very annoying.

[ 02-28-2005, 01:03 PM: Message edited by: Travis ]

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Can someone at Tech Support take a look at this issue. There is certainly a problem with the leaders, and if they are not reliable they are USELESS.

Don't mean to sound mean, but the bottom line is, as a professional, if I cannot count on the reliability of a tool it is worthless...


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The leader line will snap back into place if you select the Callout and make any change on the OIP. Apparently the "refresh" is screwed up. The worst part is you have to do them one at a time.

Correction, if you've got all your callouts in the same class, you can select by class and refresh them all at once.

Good luck, and here's hoping this gets a look with the next update!

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Can you make a script thru custom selection to select all leader line objects to refesh them.

Austaralia NZ version of Architect has a select similar tool which is awesome for this sort of selection.

Once you select them all re -entre a pointer size that they allready are and it should do this.

Hope it helps.


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I too have posted a previous issue with callouts and never seem to get an answer. Just yesterday I used the callout tool and when I tried to re-position the leader end the text font changed. This did it on two callouts and I could repeat the text change with ease. Sometimes I do to use the tool and all the text is vertical. The width preference just changed on its own to 0" from the deafult of 2".

The other annoyance I have noticed is that when you set the tool preferences in the tool bar to allow a straight portion of leader after the arrow line it does not always work. This is areal annoyance. I click on the startof the leader, then move to the next point where I want the horizontal section and boom the text box pops up. Now you have to allow it to place the callout, delete it and then start over. These types of issues are real time wasters.

Still mumbling along with these issues........just like the "Clip Issue" I still have not got an answer on. Now on page 2, Limbo!

Tom in PA

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I stopped using the call out tool altogether. The reson is it took way too much time to fix stuff that should not need fixing (see above notes). The other frustrating thing is rather than text being editing right on the screen (like other text blocks) one must deal with moving to the info pallet; one more step for each call out. As well, the leader lines are a pain (back to the info pallet; ggrrrrr!!) and the appearance of the leader (marker) style is not editable, so drawings using this tool are not up to my standard.

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1. There is a definite problem with keynotes in viewport annotations, where the leader gets aligned to the top of the text, when it should be aligned to the center. If anyone cares to email me (charles@nemetschek.net) directly, I'd be happy to discuss some workarounds.

2. The issue with callouts changing fonts, to my knowledge, only occurs when working on documents begun in version 10 or earlier, and I'm not sure that there is anything that I can do about this, but I'll take a look. If anybody is seeing this in callouts created in version 11+, please let me know.

3. To my knowledge, the problems with defaults not sticking (such as the width changing to 0") SHOULD all be fixed in 11.5.

4. I'm not sure I understand tgm's comment about not being able to draw leaders and shoulders as expected. There are 4 mode buttons which taken together determine the behavior -- two for which direction you're drawing in, and two for how many points you're going to enter. Get the right combination and you should get the behavior that you expect.

5. You don't have to go to the Object Info palette to edit the text of a note -- you can just double-click on the note to bring up the editing dialog. In a sense, this is even easier than editing "regular" text, because this works even if you are zoomed way out. Regular text has a zoom limit, beyond which you get the "The text size is too small for creation or editing. Please zoom in." message.

6. You can edit the marker size, angle, and weight (for open markers) in the Object Info palette. And you can use symbols if you want. So this is more control over marker appearance than is offered by the standard Attributes palette. So I'm scratching my head about what you're doing that you can't do with the callout. [smile]

Regards to all,

[ 03-01-2005, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: Charles Chandler ]

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Thanks for the response. A few notes as follows:

1) The mention of callouts changing fonts appeared a few days ago on virgin VW11.0.1 files just created. I never had VW10. I went from Mac VW8.6 to WinXP VW11.

The comment on leaders is understood. I am using the 3 point mode button and the start of the leader at the object. I start at the object and drag a leader section , stop and the go horizontal to develop the straight section prior to the note dialog box appearing. That is how it is supposed to work. Most of the times I start at the object drag to a point and boing.the dialog box appears. Now you have to hit OK, delete and start over.

This is a re-occuring problem and not just an occasional fluke,

I will be loading in 11.5 this weekend so I will keep you posted om particular problems.

Has anyone tackled that 'clipping' issue yet??

Thanks again Charles,

Tom in PA

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Thanks for the update on the font issue. I'll see if I can figure out where that's coming from.

I don't know what to tell you about the object creation problem. But rather than deleting the object and re-creating it, it would be a tad easier to adjust the shoulder using the control point. You're right -- you shouldn't have to do this, but it would still be easier than starting over. I can't help but think that this is a mouse sensitivity issue -- that sometimes when you release the mouse button to terminate the click-drag operation, it's picking up an additional click. But I can get mine to do that, so I don't know.


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