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manipulating large quantities of records/ Lighting Devices


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I have a drawing I am working on, I currently have 38853 Lighting Devices, that I am trying to move to a new layer.


The lighting device consists of a very simple 2d symbol. A line, a square, and a circle. The layer they are being moved to is set to be 'Not Visible'


I selected them, and changed the layer attribute in the Object Info window.  It has been over 4 1/2 hours and it is till not finished processing the change.  


I am Rundung VW 2019 SP2 on a 

15", 2018 MacBook Pro

2.9Ghz i9

32 GB

High Sierra 10.13.6


With Process Manager, I can see the VW2019 process is running at %100, but the system CPU is 87% idle.  There is no load on the GPU.



Spotlight sync is not enabled (I would hate to think how slow that would be)


Is anyone else noticing slow handling of records?


From the same file, I just performed the same operation on my old machine(15" 2012 MBPro, 2.6Ghz i7, 16Gig Ram, OSX 10.12.6), moving 1640 devices to a new layer.  It took over 45 minutes


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I hardly ever move things from one layer to another by changing the layer in the OIP. I would be curious if cut/paste takes the same amount of time. I believe the part of VW that handles moving objects is still single core. You could probably speed things up a little by turning off pre-selection highlighting and snaps.


I often handle moving large groups of objects by selecting the objects I want to move, duplicating the layer, deleting the objects, switching to the duplicate layer where the objects will also be highlighted, inverting the selection (Edit>Invert Selection) and deleting the other objects that aren't needed.







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Pat, that did help.  


Yesterday I moved about 1600 devices between layers, and it took over an hour.  by grouping, I was able to move the same units between layers in only 3 minutes.


Of course these devices hav no label legends attached, so I am sure that is saving some time.


Do you have any trick for changing record fields for large numbers of devices? That seems to be another major time suck when dealing with a couple hundred devices at a time.

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What is it about Lighting Devices?  I just moved 79500 instances on hybrid symbols, with a record attached, that are not defined as "Lighting Devices" to a different layer.  They were ungrouped, and the symbol is very similar to what I moved as a lighting device.


This move took < 1.5 hours.  I don't have an exact time, as I went to lunch while it was working, and it was complete upon my return.

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