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3D polys to 3D loci


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In landmark there is a command which converts 3D polys to 3D loci, this command places a 3D loci at each vertex along the polyline/polygon. I have the need, however, to place 3D loci at the midpoint of the polyline. Has anyone got a simple vectorscript which would do this which they are willing to share?

This need has arisen, because of an unfortunate turn of events when attempting to translate the DWG survey data points, which unfortunately are not being translated as 3d points but rather as small polylines the midpoint of which would be the centre of the cross. Using the 3D polys to 3D loci command appears to gives me 5 points (I suspect there are coincident points) one in the centre of the cross and 4 loci at its extremities, there are thousands of these points therefore, manually deleting these extra 3d oci woul be a real pain, can someone help? "VectorScript to the rescue".

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Your problem seems interesting... but I'm not using landmark and I can not reproduce your problem: but for what I can help:

If you are saying that the unwanted locus are at the end of the polylines (last vertex), he may be easier to have a script that recognize those, helping you to delete them. Something like:

For each locus

GetPickObjInfo (h)

IF Locus point = first or last vertex of h (from pick info)

then delete locus

That should put you on the track. If you are not familiar with VS I'll need more info about the file (or a sample) to adapt something to suit your use: you could have other polys or locus interfering and he could be more than one poly under a locus!

Find a point (or the middle) on a polyline has never ben easy with vs: the best way is graphical (math is much harder, and must of the times so complex), but since I never found any function to find the intersection bettwin a polyline and any other object, I normally convert the poly to lines, and run a loop LineLineIntersection(), but on your case that may not suit, and some of the locus could be a bit on the side of your lines. The more accurate the lines conversion the longer the script will take to calculate all the curves (unless dual G5).

May be somebody with a better idea?

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