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Lighting Instrument Removes Global Lighting

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Hi Team,


I've posted regarding this before, but I cant find a current thread so please redirect me if there is already a discussion on this. 


Adding any lighting fixture to a drawing removes the global lighting regardless of whether or not that light is turned on. This is frustrating in renders where we would like to see the lights hanging in the roof without necessarily turning them on and focussing them. There is a few tricks we use to get around this such as duplicating the lighting layer and converting to 3D polygons and then turning off the original lighting layer. or putting a lot of Renderworks lights through the scene. There was mention of this becoming something that could be toggled on or off. Has anyone seen any progress with this in 2019? Thanks in advance.

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Any time you add a render light or object creating a render light (like a lighting device), Vectorworks assumes you are lighting with intention and turns off the virtual worklight. 


If you want more general light in the scene, you have two strategies. One is to add in some render lights (in the Visualization tool set). I like using one or two directional lights with shadows turned off. 


You can also edit the lighting options from the  View menu, and increase the amount of ambient light in the scene. 

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@JBenghiat Thanks for that. I do usually add work lights as you mentioned, and upping the ambient light creates an odd new effect rather than a straight correction, it tends to wash out the facets of things in open GL. I would really like to toggle off the assumption that I am lighting with intention or at least not remove general lighting until one of the fixtures is turned on. We do so much lighting work within a greater production that does not require focusing and illumination, it really becomes an annoyance to need to have all the light layers turned off while working on the model.

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As you noticed, the ambient light really just raises the black point in the drawing, so not always ideal.  Turning on ambient occlusion can enhance the look significantly.


The behavior of the global light has been this way for years, and may even be a necessity of OpenGL rendering, so this probably won't change any time soon.  I recommend setting up your work lights either as a symbol that you can easily drop in from your favorites library or a layer that you can import from a library file.  The advantage to having the lights in their own layer is that you can quickly toggle them on and off with the Nav palette instead of going to the Visualization palette.


A shadowless directional light at 45/45 is going to have an almost identical effect to the global light, with the exception that the global light always comes from over your left shoulder regardless of the view orientation.

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