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Unable to Install Updates 2019 on Windows 10



Hi All,


I'm having some real problems installing the service packs for vwx 2019 on my Windows 10 laptop. I've had issued with previous vwx installs and updates on this laptop, but always got around them previously by downloading the update, rebooting into safe mode and installing from there.


However with the new updater, I am unable to take this approach, as I can't run the updater to download the update.. And I can't run the updater in safe mode, as then I lose my ability to connect to the internet (even with 'safe mode with networking' selected).


Does anybody else suffer from this problem? How can I get around it? I'm stuck on SP0.




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Guest omarkadry

Hi @Asemblance,


I'm looking into this issue. Would be able to provide the logs from the Updater? They will be located in `<User Folder>\AppData\Local\Temp`. They will be timestamp prefixed so they should be in the format `2018_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_vectorworks_2019_updater.log`.


Feel free to message me them through the forum or e-mail me at okadry@vectorworks.net.


Thank you!




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Guest omarkadry

Does your user account have administrator privileges? If not that may be why safe mode is unable to launch the updater, as the Updater requires administrator privileges. 


Where is your Vectorworks 2019 installed? Is it in `C:\Program Files` or inside of your user folder?

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@omarkadry - I do have administrator privileges, and have been running the updater with administrator privileges in regular mode. However in safe mode, the problem is not that the launcher wont start, but that I cannot connect to the internet in order to complete the update download..


I have circumnavigated this problem now, by rebooting in safe mode and physically connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable. I was then able to run the updater successfully.


But it is worth mentioning that 1) I often don't have access to a physical wired connection, and 2) some laptops dont even have an ethernet port to connect with. So its not an ideal workaround!

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