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Data Tag Disconnects From Record Object

Liene Cikanovica


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16 hours ago, Liene Cikanovica said:

I have some placed data tags (room tags) disconnecting from record object (Space). It looks like it is happening after updating Data Tag Style.

I am not sure what I should do to avoid that. We will place hundreds of different tags through many sheets of drawings, I don't want to be worried that some of those tags will show blank.854197370_ScreenShot2018-12-07at3_30_12PM.thumb.png.b59601c7f72736d24753ab0c0f255fc9.png


I would contact tech support and/or bug submit the issue (link at the bottom of this page) so it gets documented. @KIvanov may also be able to help.




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We use project sharing. I don't know when exactly the tags get disconnected. My theory was that it gets disconnected after editing the Data Tag Style and committing. There were more people working on a file and placing the tags while I was updating the Data Tag Style.

The Data Tag Style itself is referenced in from a library file and I would edit it from my project file directly (not form the library file). 

From time to time I see some tags being disconnected after fixing them. Now I was trying to to it in my test file and all was fine.



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