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Worksheet Text Formatting

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We wanted to create some tables of text in Vectorworks. I have never used Worksheets before so we thought we would give it a try. The image below shows the original table formatted in a spreadsheet programme and imported as an image and beneath it the equivalent created as a Vectorworks worksheet. As you can see we have got pretty close, but the text formatting leaves something to be desired - specifically the text seems to rub right up against the frame of the cell with no internal margin and the line spacing seems to be stuck on single spacing. Does anyone know of a way to improve the appearance of the text?

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 17.19.13.png

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I can't replicate this atm. 




Maybe your version? Or type face chosen (unlikely). Could you let us know what version you are using.



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I'm on VW Architect 2019 on a Mac running 10.14. I have had a go at other typefaces (I was using Univers) and they seem to come up similar. Here is one using Helvetica: 

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 15.02.42.png

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Yes I see it has the same 'cell ceiling' problem.


I'm not on 2019. It might be a new fault with 2019.


A test for this would be to open in 2018 and see for yourselves. Are you able to do that or could you 'export as 2018' and post here please.




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Ahaha - the first example I produced was on 2018 - I actually updated to 2019 when you asked me which system we were on, and I thought I had better check, but it didn't change things.

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