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Plug-in object (door) rendering...

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Hi Everyone,

I've made a model using door styles. Strange thing, I have a door style that is inserted twice. In 'open gl' the glass in both displays correctly (ie. transparent).  However, with 'final quality renderworks' the glazing on one instance is transparent, whilst on the other it is opaque. I've tried deleting the erroneous door  and replacing with a new instance, and tried using 'create similar instance' tool. Also tried deleting, closing VW and re-inserting.


Even stranger, when I draw a new wall and insert the same door, the glazing is opque in both open gl and final quality renderworks.






I'm kind of feeling I've missed something obvious but not sure what it is?!


Any thoughts/ advice much appreciated as one door is taking far too much effort!



PS - this is using VW2019 (no service packs yet installed)



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Deffo install SP2 for a start! I dont have an immediate answer but i did notice the high level windows to the front left image are also displaying a different hue to the ones on the right image where the door is showing correctly suggesting its something to do with classes??? cheers D



Is the image to the right FQR and the left OGL?

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Thanks Tamsin, Image to SP2 now installed. Issue still there (I've re-booted machine etc.)


Hi David,

The open GL image has black outlines around objects.


All the doors are on a 'door' class, windows on a 'window' class; all object atttributes are set 'by class'. All glazing is set to 'class texture' (which is set under 'edit classes/ textures') and the same texture is used for all the doors/ windows that display as expected, and the ones that don't (as far as I can see).


I've tried deleting the glass texture and replacing with VW default glass, to no avail.

See images attached (outlined image is O-GL); these are newly inserted windows and doors; the top light on the double doors and the window both display as expected in both OGL and FQR; but the vision panels on the doors don't. Maybe a clue there?


By changing settings I've managed to make things worse as one door that was ok, now isn't!



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