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Jim Smith

Property Line Tool

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I avoid using this tool as it never really seems to work as advertised. Here's a screen grab to illustrate what I mean. (This is an imported PDF) Also why can't one use a square to indicate segment corners? Every survey I've ever seen uses this standard. I've tried creating these clockwise or counter clockwise but can't get the thing to agree with the survey info. One can see that the info from the editor calls out the property lines as North by East, but the resulting line is South by West. 


PS: I gave up that's why this example is a triangle but the dimensions on the top & sides are / should be accurate.  


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Hi Jim, 


can you send me a test file, so we can see what's going on and fix it?

Please send it to vstanev@vectorworks.net


Also, i'll make sure we add the option for rectangles. Thank you for the suggestion.




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Thanks Valdo, but this tool just does not work for me. I had been using the tool more or less as you suggested in the past & really never been able to make it work. I've taken your suggestion & not imported the scaled PDF of the survey and after more than an hour my frustration is getting the better of me. The attached illustrates my frustration one may see that the tool is producing segments that have no basis in reality. The set of lines to the right is drawn on a blank file to illustrate the size of the anticipated property lines. The dopey thing on the left is what the property line tool is producing, and I think you can see that the line segment that's nowhere near correct. As you may also be able to see this segment says it's 179.33 M - but it ain't nearly that big.


As I said in my first post & you can see from the screen grab I cannot get the tool to produce Azimuth that agrees with the survey call-outs. The tool doesn't work like surveyors work. The East & West survey lines are n7º 53'w but if the tool were to actually accept my inputs properly, to close the survey one would have to start introducing Azimuth that is the OPPOSITE of what is called out on the survey. 


Thanks for your help, but I'm going to just use lines & text and not waste my time on the tool.

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Hi @Jim Smith, I'd recommend giving the Property Line tool another try after a bit of a break. If it helps to know, I followed, word-by-word, Vlado's great instructions above (without relying on my previous experience with the PL Tool) and I was able to get the result below.


One of the key aspects of Vlado's guidance that I found useful was the advice about being mindful about the direction a segment is going once you add it. I did have to use the "Previous" button in the dialog box a number of times in order to change an N to S or an E to W, and it was pretty obvious when I needed to do so – When the segment I just added wasn't going in the correct direction visually, I used the Previous button to go "back" one point, I adjusted the bearing info, then pressed Update. I could then carry on to the Next point.


Jim Smith PL.png


Hang in there and you'll get it!





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I have found the easiest way to create a property line is to have the site plan situated in its correct orientation.  Trace the property line with the polygon tool, then with the polygon selected, I go to AEC > Create Objects From Shapes... then select property line from the pull down. It converts the polygon to a bang on property line representative of the legal survey.


I just did one this afternoon for the project I am working on as I just received the survey an hour ago.






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Thanks Rob, I've not attempted to make a property line by using the AEC command, (that I use all the time) for other objects; just never noticed property lines as a choice. Oh dopey me!


Hi Neil, 

By using mental gymnastics I can get the tool to work as you & Vlado have pointed out, by going back. The issue is lines that are parallel are illustrated with the opposite bearing ie SxE rather than those called out on the survey as NxE (cue the mental gymnastics). 😁

I don't use the tool enough & generally we just want to get the setbacks for a lot. For the most part we either import a digital file or mark-up a PDF.  I hate to give up on a tool, but as I say I don't use it enough. I do have some ideas that I'll add to the wish list.


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