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How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

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Working on one of 2 buildings on a site. Its about 25 degrees off of the main building and street. I drew everything after doing a 'Rotate Plan' command, which worked great.


When it came time to label my spaces it's bonked out w/ 2 problems:


  1. All the Data Tags are rotated (from this plan view)
  2. All the non-rectangular spaces are calculating dimensions on the 25 degree axis. It may not be easy to see in the shot below, bit I've thrown dimensions on teh bottom two bedrooms for comparison v the auto-generated dimensions. The balcony off to the top right is rectangular and therefore correct.


I'm sure there's some way to rotate the user grid or something, but I sure cant see how? Old posts here point to a menu that's long gone...

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 4.16.24 PM.png

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@techdef Might you be able to post your Vectorworks file here so that so that we could try a few techniques on it? Your description and image are helpful, but there often some things that can be determined when one gets to interact with the actual file.

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Thanks for the file @techdef.


It appears that the Data Tags are being placed and ignoring the -25.74 rotation of the plan when the Data Tags are used on the Design Layer. In contrast, when Data Tags are used in the Annotation space of a Sheet Layer Viewport, the Data Tags arrive as you would like them – "Flat" to the plan. (This may be as the tool has been designed given the wording at the bottom of this Help page, but I will have to inquire further to find out more.)


Data Tag placement SLVP vs DL.png



In the meantime, a quick way to correct this for all the existing Data Tags on the Design Layer would be to:

1. Activate the Select Similar Tool (aka the Magic Wand).

2. Open the Tool Preferences on the Mode Bar.


3. Uncheck everything except "Object Type" in the "Other Attributes" section. (Optional: Save this setting for future use by pressing the Save button near the top of this dialog box. Name the setting in a recognizable way.) Then press the OK button in the lower right of the Select Similar Preferences dialog box.)

4. When you are back at your drawing, using the Select Similar Tool still active, click on one of your Space Tag Data Tags. All similar visible Data Tags should also get selected.

5. With all of the Data tags selected, in the OIP change the Rotation from -25.74 to 0. Press Return.

6. Reposition tags as needed.



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Close, but you missed my underlying query: I'm much less concerned about having the Data Tags show up right, than the information they display being right!


Please see the two bedrooms in the screenshot below. I made this trying a plan viewport & adding the tags in Annotation Space as suggested. The problem is that the room dimensions calculated by the SPACE are based on the rotated rectangle. The rooms are 22'-3" x 12'-3", yet they're displaying as something else which seems to have been measured on the diagonal. We need the Space tool to be savvy about the orientation of the space, or have some way to rotate what it's auto calculating from?

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 10.08.58 AM.png

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Ah, yes, I see what you mean @techdef. Even when using the Data Tag in the Sheet Layer Viewport Annotations space the Tag seems to be grabbing the dims of the Space at a 0 rotation. I'll add this detail to my query as I investigate.

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The issue is with how the Space object calculates its own dimensions. It seems to use its bounding box. The Data Tag is just pulling the data provided by the Space object so it seems to be working as it should.





Edit. @Neil Barman I would say this is a bug with the Space tool.  Here's the test I did -




Both shapes drawn with the plan rotated at 45 degrees should have the same dimensions and they don't.




Space Tool Bug.vwx

Edited by Kevin McAllister
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On 12/11/2018 at 8:06 AM, Neil Barman said:

Thanks for the file @Kevin McAllister! I've submitted it as part of the review of this issue. The team is on it.


Fixed in VW2019 SP3.



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