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Alan Woodwell

Structural & Non Structural Groups

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In Advanced section properties you can have separate fills for each type Structural and non-structural ie, Building and furniture. Where is each component defined? or is it by default and can you change the definition of each item say furniture make it structural????


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Hi Alan

I believe it is the "Merge with Structural Objects in sections" Check box that controls this 



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Yes, Hans-Olav is correct. It is also pretty well described in the VW Help. Search for Advanced Section Viewport Properties


an excerpt:



Certain 3D objects can be designated as structural, allowing their appearance to merge with other structural objects on the section plane. Merged objects display as a single unit with one continuous fill. The following objects can be designated as structural by selecting Merge with Structural Objects in Sections from the Object Info palette. 

●        CSG solids (add/subtract/intersect/section)

●        Deforms (generic solid)

●        Extrudes

●        Multiple extrudes

●        Extrude along paths

●        Chain extrudes

●        Tapered extrudes

●        Cylinders (extrude)

●        Extruded rectangles (extrude)

●        Extruded polygons (mesh)

●        Meshes

●        Subdivisions

●        Solids (sphere/cone/hemisphere)

●        Sweeps

●        Stair structures (top face, bottom face, front face, inside/outside)

●        NURBS surfaces


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I suppose the question is: what is a structural object?

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