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Deform Tool Failure

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I'm trying curve a 3D polygon that has already been extruded along a path an the deform tool fails every time. I have a curved balcony rail lighting position that also has some height variation to it. 


This image is of the 3D polygon extruded along the curvy path.



With that complete I tried to bend it symmetrically using the deform tool, but it fails everytime.



I tried breaking the 3D polygon down into smaller pieces, but the deform tool continues to fail.  Any suggestions?

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You had a double line to start with. If you decompose it using the decompose command, this will separate the object into individual items. You can then delete the geometry you don't need. Once you have made the modifications, then you just run the compose command and all the individual items become a complete nurbs curve again. For a pipe all you need is the circular cross-section of the pipe and the path that it follows. You also had a few vertices that were on top of each other. I deleted those using the reshape tool in the delete vertex mode. 



Hope that helps.

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