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Worksheets to stack rows up





I would like to request the ability to either stack worksheets top to bottom or bottom to top. An example of this is in the smart title block boarder tool, under "Revision Data" I can choose a direction for the rows to stack.


I have a worksheet at the bottom of my sheet layer and when new rows are added it keep stacking to the bottom and goes off the page. It would be great to have a setting so the worksheet can sit at the bottom of the page and the new rows still get added to the bottom, but will push up all the other rows above it.


Thank you



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@MTRobinCould a different way to describe this request be:


Pick the "insertion point" of worksheet images on drawing. If the Top/Left corner is picked as the insertion point and the worksheet increases in size, it will expand to the bottom and right.  Similarly, if the Bottom/Right corner is the fixed point and the size of the worksheet expands, it will grow to the top and left.


This option will allow worksheet images to be places at the edges of drawings and automatically expand into the drawing area instead of always expanding down and requiring the image to be moved to be on the page.


The 9 point selector in the OIP as is used to determine the fixed point of 2D object (polygons, rectangle, circles) could be used to locate the fixed point.

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