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Wall/Roof Texture Question

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I am new to the rendering/3D modeling aspect of Vectorworks but Im having trouble with textures.  I have a wall where my siding is shown correct and is vertical.  I duplicated and edited that wall type to add CMU.  On this new wall, the siding is horizontal.  I don't understand why or how it changed when I duplicated it from a wall that had vertical siding.  I also don't know how to fix this.


Also another texture question. When I added texture to my roofs, it appeared on the underside and I couldn't figure out how to make it show on the exterior, top side.

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The CMU / Siding issue is probably related to which way your textures are oriented.  It's pretty common to need to rotate them visually on the surface of an object.  To do this:

Select the object you want to modify.  Then go to the render tab of the OIP.


Here's a wall example.  For this example, I'm using the mode "By Object."  That allows you to texture each object differently.  You can also use by class or by wall style for universal texturing.  For maximum control, use "by object." 


Where it says "Part" select the face of the wall you want to change.  You can pick left, right or overall.  In plan you'll see an arrow and a dot at the ends of the wall when it is selected.  Left or right is relative to the direction of the arrow.   


Once you select a face, you can control the texture and mapping upon it including rotation of the texture in degrees.


The process for a roof object is similar with the parts listing "Top, Bottom, etc"


2061659118_ScreenShot2018-12-06at11_08_46AM.thumb.png.3cd5760b8d038410d99cdd56c28c7f1b.png             1116384106_ScreenShot2018-12-06at11_09_12AM.thumb.png.2b5aacdfbd09796290558cfccd485332.png


If you find the texture is consistently oriented the wrong way, you can simply rotate the texture itself in the resource manager

To do this, select the thumbnail of the texture in the Resource Browser.

Right click or Option-click to edit the texture

Which will bring up the following screen.

Where it says Color>Image, click edit.

In the pop up will be the option to "rotate the image".


Be aware that if you do this after you have applied this texture elsewhere in your file, it will rotate the texture on all instances where it has been applied.

This can be a quick way to change a texture throughout your drawing.


I hope that helps.






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