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VW19 - memory usage / system processes



today i looked a bit more into what´s happening on my machine while working with vectorworks.

the day over i only worked in vectorworks. it didn´t  crash once but therefore my machine got slower and slower.

even when i was working on the finder, moving windows, they seemed to get sluggish

a closer look to the activity monitor showed that vw uses more than 11gig of memory.

at that time there were 5 drawings opened. 3 of them contained 3d models and the views were set to open-gl

looking to the processes, while doing nothing in vw, showed a process called "windowserver" running at over 85% of cpu load. constantly.

pushing vw to hidden by the system that process drops down.


i closed vw and started again without any drawing opened. the process keeps calm.

opening a new empty drawing brings it up shortly. when you move your mouse only in the drawing it comes up and gets down.

opening 1 drawing, wireframe, brings the process straight to about 45-50%. opening a second drawing (small but open-gl) it jumps to over 80% as long as a part of the vw gui or drawing is visible to the screen.


the second thing that i saw is that it seems that vw is allocating more and more memory while you work. whith each drawing that was opened the more memory was allocated. but after closing drawings this memory does not seem to be released.


has anybody seen this on his computer too?

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There's definitely something amuck with VW2019. It usually begins to misbehave for me after a long session or after rendering a lot of sheet layer viewports. The problems usually appear while working on the sheet layers. I originally thought it was my ageing late 2012 MacBook Pro but I recently switched to an iMac Pro and the same things still happen. Quitting VW and reopening it is usually the only solution.




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i think today i even did not recall a sheet layer. only working in design layers...

quitting an reopening might be a workaround, but these things occur so fast that this is not an option for daily work process.

after effects had a similiar problem after opening files in cc18... but only on windows. straight after launching the app grabbed all available memory and didn´t release it...

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