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Truss connection problems

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I'm trying to connect trusses together with drop motors and/or on-top/below connections.  I have tried every iteration I can imagine, and I get motors not connected (for the drops) or "statis system not supported" for on-top/below.  I have tried in both 3D and 2D to ensure I was getting the right connections, plus ensured the heights of the objects.


When doing a drop specifically, the motor connects to both the main trusses and the drop trusses.  The motors show connection, in theory, and the chain shows that it is connected.  The top of the motor is in the middle of the truss as well, and the bottom looks correct too. 


Also, when I go to calculate the system of one of two trusses, I get an error that keeps popping up before the regular calculation window: "BRX FEM Handle Not Set."1719619253_ScreenShot2018-12-05at11_00_56AM.thumb.png.46dcc0310049eb2a32f2d6cea1bf81ca.png1589853759_ScreenShot2018-12-05at11_01_17AM.thumb.png.d0df9cd0938bfce01dd967d24c105959.png


Not sure where to look or what to verify.


VW2019 SP2

OSX High Sierra



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Nevermind, I forgot that I had to pick everything to get the results to calculation properly. 


So I guess something to bring up is that you cannot "Choose System" on anything connected like this.  So if I had a bunch of lighting, rigging, and other hardware attached, I would have to have it all in a single layer or made visible without seeing other items to be able to choose all.  Choose System does not choose everything connected to that one truss.

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Correct. I've found the same as to "selecting the system". I tend to draw a selection box around everything and then choose "calculate selection." It does work across layers, but have the Show/Snap/Modify setting for layers when doing so.

One more thing, if there are items that 'think' they are connected to the truss system when you do a select system objects and they are on hidden layers, they can sometime wreak havoc. Steve Jones has a function in his Autoplot tools that "deselects items in hidden layers." Very handy to have in this very case.


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