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Yes/No Dialog

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The network I'm working on creates different parts of a (wall) cabinet. I would like to have the choice of a "yes/no' dialog for certain parts of the cabinet.

Like :  Doors-  Yes or No, Bottom Shelf-  Yes or No etc.
I tried the 'YesNo Dialog Node' but can't figure out how and where to connect it into my network. The Node has only an output connector, no input.
Any help much appreciated.

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You can think of this node as an alternative to the Bool input node. The output of the Yes No Dialog is labeled "b" meaning it is a boolean or true/false value. Yes would be true and no would be false. You can connect it to any node that has a "b" input and some sort of either/or choice. When you run the network, a yes/no dialog will pop up and you can choose Yes or No.

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I would suggest using the Yes/No dialog node in conjunction with a Valve node. The valve node will accept a boolean input and suppress anything past the valve node if the value passed is False. If True, it will pass the values in the item list through.

In this example, a circle is only drawn at (0,0) if the Yes/No result is True.


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