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How to export VW11.01 file to cinema4d

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As you know you'll need the plugin as well as both programs. You'll need to insert the relevant files in both VW and Cinema plug in folders, and adjust your workspace in VW to see it as a export option.

This is available from Maxon not Nemetschek, either direct or via country based Maxon dealership.

It's not free, you will have to pay for it unless you purchased the package Cinema 4D for Vectorworks which of course has the the plug in CD included along with the Cinema program discs.

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No you don't use dxf or dwg with the plug in, that's the purpose of the plug in.

To convert the Vectorworks file into a Cinema 4D file with all its relevant classes etc so as to use it in Cinema and to be able to update your file from VW should you need to without loss of existing work done in Cinema such as lighting textures etc.

You could go the dxf route without the plug in by creating a dxf file from your VW one and then opening it in Cinema but I don't know how well that would work and you'd lose the chance to alter the file if need be without having to start again.

As Katie and I said you need the plug in from Maxon, which you can buy easily enough.

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You need - Vectorworks Exchange Plugin V2

It is available online thru Maxon Shop:

For North & South America: http://www.maxonshop.com/cgi-bin/us/gp?pg=products/plugins.vwx

Otherwise go to:


Select your region, then select Plugins from the bar at the top. Navigate to Vectorworks Plugin V2.

If in US, you could also contact the sales rep that I have dealt with at Maxon, USA:

Rafi Barbos r_barbos@maxon.net


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