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Jim Smith

Working with consultants using Archicad

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    We've worked with another firm on a project that for a number of reasons they are handing off to a 3rd firm. This 3rd firm are Archicad users & are telling my client that much of the project will have be be redrawn in Archicad. Understandably there is push back as this would be for the most part re-cutting the same grass & cost more fees. Also, as we've provided some work & know the project, we may be involved in helping produce permit & construction documents. 

    I'd love to continue with the project but need a little advice on a few things:  1) I know from working with ACAD firms that sometimes it's better to start from (almost) scratch. Is this the case going from a VW project to an Archicad project?     2) How well does Archicad play with VW, in both directions?    3) IFC or DWG as the means to import/export?   4) Can things like walls, slabs, doors & other objects maintain there integrity or do they just become dumb lumps of line work?   5) Our VW standard is metric (but we do work in imperial as well) this project would be imperial exclusively; is this an issue for an Archicad user?   6)Lastly, are there any land mines to working on a project like this that I should be aware of?


Thanks for any tips in advance

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Thanks, I did see that when I did a search. In discussions yesterday I think our work flow will be that my client will Lock the 3D model & use it as a "dumb object" that can be used to look at some conditions and the construction documents will be exported from VW & developed in 2D in Archicad by the third from. Our firm will just prepare 2D details as required. Pity there doesn't seem to be a "3D" solution.

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We are consulting remotely and have worked on fixing the model to get DD finished. Our participation was mostly due to staff turnover at our client's firm as they are in the midst of some internal changes. They have a relationship with a local firm they want to hand the project off to as the Architects of Record who can both work directly with the local authorities and supervise construction.

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