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Different lighting scenes in different viewports?


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Is it in any way possible to attach a lighting scene to a renderworks camera or viewport? Case in point, I have an event space with different furniture sets per session (lectern moves, etc), and the client would like to see each set in pre-vis. Unless I'm missing something, the only way to change lighting scenes is from the "Manage Lighting Scenes" dialogue, which means I have to publish one rendering, change scenes, publish the next, etc.



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The best way to create different scenes is by using multiple viewports. Create a view using a Renderworks Camera, create a Sheet Layer Viewport you are happy with and then Duplicate this once for every lighting scene. 


You should change class visibilities depending on your scenery requirements for each scene and then use the Visualisation Palette for each viewport to select the lights that you want to be turned on, off or intensity.


This workflow works well for me. A word of warning though. If you are planning on using lights that use Gobos and/or shutters, then you will need to make sure that they are switched ON from the design layer as it is the action of turning the light on that generates the shutter/gobo geometry within the lighting device. You can still control their on/off status in each individual Viewport by using the Visualisation Palette.

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just chiming in here ... setting lights for scenes:

  • yes you can give each individual light in your scene a specific colour and light setting, this for each viewport by using the 'Visualisation Light' settings 




But also:

  • you could change the Ambient Light colour by ... 
    --> activate the Viewport & chose 'Lighting Options' in the Obj Info Palette, and then change the colour of the light in the Ambient Info




--> also see file attached "Visualisation Styles"  Visualisation Styles.pdf


And have a look at some renderings I did for event environments I designed and rendered in Vectorworks Architect, not Spotlight.




Please note that I just uploaded my new website a couple of hours ago so it's still a bit of testing going on.


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