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Window, less common fields




I'm hoping someone can help with a few problems I'm having on the windows? I'm trying to put data on to the windows, then extract it through a report. This question is not about the 3d geometry, just about controlling the data pushed to the objects and the extracted from them.


When you click on a window and go to settings, and go right down to the bottom of the list, "Data", there are a number useful fields, including some user fields 1-10. Despite having these as not controlled by the window style, I can't get these options to appear in the OIP (without going through the settings screen, which takes 5-10 seconds to come up each time,). You might think the input would be controlled from the second data tab in the OIP (data), but they are not , so the only way to control this information is to go to each window, and go into each setting panel. This is frustrating.


How do I get these options to appear in the OIP


Also I did find this,


But it looks to me that only some of the parameters can be driven by a work sheet, some (like egress for example) can't seem to be controlled from the worksheet. 


I'm having to use this information to carry some of the data because other parts of the object are so buggy. Take the cill for example. They always appear on the wrong side of the wall (this is a recognised bug I'm told). So, I want to use the these additional data holders to carry more information about the windows, but now I find it can only be edited via the settings screen?


I could make a whole new record format, carrying only and exactly the fields I want, but this loses the capacity to be controlled by the window style.


Personally I think all the the places to add layers of information into these objects needs to be unified in a single interface.


Finally, everytime I push changes into a window style, I think have to go round and change every end cap detail, because changing information globally appears to mess these up. I must have done it to every window nearly 10 times now.


Thanks for any input


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Update, I have found you can drive it from the work sheet. Greyed out does not mean you can't change it, it just means if you click input you can select from a list of predefined options.


Does anyone know where a window gets its Masonry Open width from =(Window.MasonOpenWIdth) ? and Rough Open width =(Window.RoughOpenWIdth)? It seams to take the rough dimension from the width, and the masonry is just adding 5mm to the whole thing? is there a way to control it? I googled it and found this string back from 2008


Did not appear to work 10 years ago... but it must have been fixed by now yes?

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Further up date, but still frustrated...


I am having some success using the work sheet as a data input method, but still find now way of getting the field in the data tab to appear in the object info pallet (OIP), can anyone at VW advise?


Secondly, is there anyway to define the user fields as a data type, eg. number, dimensional, so I can use them in a calculation? And to that matter, is there a way to re-name them? I may have to create an additional record format here?


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