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Space Tag Scaling

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Is there a way to make a single space tag in the model layers scale to multiple different viewport scales on the sheet layers?   I must be missing a checkbox somewhere in the properties... Seems like this should be automatic without creating multiple space tags at for each scale used in the viewports. 



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This question also applies to Door and Window Tags.  When the Text Scale is used in the viewports advanced properties to adjust the size of the space tags, it ALSO adjusts the text scale of door and window tags that were at the correct scale...  Now I have to work backwards and double the size of my door ID's? 


Why cant VW just work properly?

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For space tags you can have multiple size text in the tag classed for different scales and linked to the same record. e.g. the "name" record could have a 14pt & a 28pt text linked to it and classed to "Space-Name 1:50" & "Space-Name 1:100" classes and then adjust VP visibilities to suit the VP scale.


For windows & doors it's a bit trickier. I don't use the Native VW window & Door tool, instead the OzCad WinDoor tool but it sounds like the same problem. This thread might have some pointers: 


Also I think data tags in VW2019 are more flexible and can be used for windows and doors but haven't stated using it yet.


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Thanks, but that seems like a complicated work around?  I'd have to know in advance what scales I'm using on a project by project basis which isnt very practical as they change each time.  (Unless I want to remake the Space Tag symbol every job.)


It should be called Vector(doesnt)works.

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Yes, not ideal. However we typically have floor plans at 1:50 with overall key plans at 1:100 or 1:200. Those 3 scales cover 90% of plans for our projects. For smaller scale detail plans we don't show the space label as it's usually not in the right place and not really necessary.

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