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Vision, VW, Lightwright, DMX Universe and Address settings??

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Does anyone have the proper settings to get units to patch in Vision whilst also using Lightwright?

If I'm using U/DMX, as in 1/256 or 2/128, all the Vision DMX addresses are picking up just the Universe, as in the number to the left of the /.

If I'm using Absolute numbers, (as in 640 for universe 2, dmx 128), the vision channel tops out at 512.


I've tried all sorts of combinations of both VW and Lightwright settings with no luck. Totally guessing at this point.


Any help would be most welcome.


Thanks, Scott

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I am not using Lightwright but have had similar issues trying to get U/DMX to map correctly.

I gave up and had to map them separately  and use universe and dmx as separate fields. and built a symbol legend that merges the fields to look like i'm using U/DMX.


Would love to see an answer to this as well

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This what I do, In LW I set the address type to the Universe/Address format (e.g. 1/203) on both the drop down menu and the VW exchange box. Set the Dimming & Control dropdown menu up with a letter for each universe as personally I prefer that format.

Attached is a picture of how Vision sees the VW information. The  Vision info shown is what it's picked up from the VW drawing. So in VW I need to put the DMX address in the Dimmer box and Vision sees this as 'Channel', universe has to be numeric though as I use a letter prefix on my VW address this doesn't matter, channel in VW is shown as head number in the Vision box.





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If your "Address" field in VWX is mapped to the "Address" field in LW6... and if your Setup > Address Format is "Universe i.e.- 2/130]" ... then the "Address" column in LW6 should come across in LW6 as "U/DMX" format.


If your LW6 "Address" column is in "U/DMX" format, LW6 should also populate the LW6 "Universe" and "DMX#" columns. This will enable you to...


-Copy the LW6 "Universe" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 1" column.

-Copy the LW6 "DMX#" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 2" column.

-Pop back into VWX.

-Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 1" fields to the "Universe" fields.

-Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 2" fields to the "U Address" fields.

-Export to Vision. 



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