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Kevin McAllister

Data Tag - Tag Data to Worksheet


There should be a way to pull the combined data from the new Data Tag into one unified worksheet. Here is an example of what I mean -




As far as I can tell this is currently not possible. There have been at least two forum posts asking about this so far -


I'm very surprised this wasn't considered in its design.







Data Tag Wish.vwx

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@Kevin McAllister I think that this is a great request. I haven't yet played around with the Auto-Generated Incremented Value options yet and instead have been relying on a manually entered ID# in the attached record to handle the appearance of the tag, while querying the record format to the worksheet. This requires me to manually adjust the values, but I can easily do that from the worksheet and thus it hasn't been to bad.


A couple of questions about the Auto-Generated Incremented Value.

  • Does it recognize similar objects with similar data, giving them the same number? This would mean that the auto number is recognizing that the data/object is different somehow?


I initially conceptualized something like this, but that would take advantage of the callout tool and keynote legends instead, which already have the auto-numbering built in. Perhaps there is a way to combine these functionalities, because Keynote Legends are actually a pretty good way to manage auto-numbering. Perhaps the Data Tag could be designed to send a specific field to a keynote legend and then auto-number based upon that legend? Ultimately you are correct, you would still need a way to pull this number into a worksheet. We do this currently with callouts using the formula (='Callout'.'__KeynoteNumber')...something I would have never discovered without the help of wizard @Pat Stanford.


...Hope that they can integrate your suggestions on leader lines as well! ...and multiple leader lines.


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