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Site Model: Vertex tool wont activate


I can confirm that SP2 on 2019 does seem to fix the visibility issue between proposed and existing contours.  


However Im now experimenting with the swale and berm tool along with the add vertex.  One thing Im noticing is when you choose to edit the site model surface and you try to activate add vertex, the button activates and then deactivates.   As if its completely broken?? nothing activates in the mode buttons either.


In addition the swale tool seems to show one thing when editing, then when exiting that mode back out to the DTM It may or may not even show up.  Seems like some of the new features are still "new".  Maybe some others have had better sucess, I am working from a model originally designed in 2017 which I guess could present some issues, tho shouldn't.  But thats another story. 

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Anyone else had luck testing the vertex tool? Or the swale.  I wanted to create a swale near a already modified area, and while I was close to the modifier, I was not interfering with it.


The VW Help Manual states that any of the surface tools should not overlap and existing modifier.  It seems not only can they not intersect or overlap, it seems that can't even be in the same proximity.


For example I can draw a swale away from any site modifier and it comes out as expected.  Get within 10' of a road with a boundary or a pad or any modfier, either the swale action fails upon exit, or it shows up all funky and distorted?


My hope was I could use the swale tool along a road if needed for water runoff.


Vertex tool wont even activate.  Spent 2 days testing and never got the tool to even function.🤨

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