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Overlap wall components - ie stone skirt /stucco above - how to??

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I reckon this can be 'fudged' depending on your requirements.


@CipesDesign 's suggestion of a classing approach I think will work well - you just need to organise how the 'magic' will work in practice.


For me, the way you want to use the end result determines the (VW) construction method. 


You could just replace the lower external area of the wall with 'in place' geometry (an extrusion with your chosen texture)...




Often these feature wall bases are thicker rather than flush and this gives you the flexibility to provide this...




This could work well for you if you need to section through these walls - unless you have huge lengths of wall like this? It will just take a bit of time applying the areas of additional geometry (don't even think of going the 'create wall projection' route!!).


Alternatively, you could maybe take the 'cosmetic' approach. Using a wall with an extra external component, being the stone, set just to show proud of the wall above.


If you're after this 'flush' finish you'll have to set the component thickness as slight as VW will allow. I experimented with less than 1mm (as you correctly say this influences the wall thickness overall.) VW will not accept zero as I thought it might (interesting, because you can 'extrude' a floor base with zero thickness in VW).


However you can input (say) 0.1 - this is taken as 1mm and this is added to your wall thickness - which I believe you wanted to avoid. So try thinner - theres a 'sweet spot' where VW thinks it's so small it can't add it to your (declared) wall thickness, but renders OK. For me, this was 0.01.


This was with 0.0001





Hope this helps.   



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