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@Sade There isn't currently a plug-in from Vectorworks to SketchUp's 3D warehouse since SketchUp is a proprietary holder of that information...however...


You can download any SketchUp model from the 3D warehouse and import it into Vectorworks using the Import...SketchUp command. There are a couple of settings to play with on that importer, but we have had great success doing this and there are tons of models out there to cull through.


Good luck.

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@Sade The Free version of SketchUp is now a browser based version



That said, you shouldn't actually need SketchUp to use any of the files. What version of VW are you using?


If you are using VW2018, make sure that when you download the file from 3D Warehouse, you select the SketchUp 2017 version from the dropdown. Vectorworks is always one year behind on their ability to import SketchUp files which means that SketchUp 2018 files won't work in VW2018.


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