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Slab texture glitch

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I'm learning to use render works textures and have a strange glitch where my slab is bright red, despite the applied texture being white paint (bottom) & hardwood (top). I've tried:


  • applying the white paint directly by dragging and dropping from the resource browser
  • applying the white paint to the slab style
  • applying the white paint to the object, both overall and by component
  • deleting and re-drawing the slab out of desperation


But the strange red persists. Any suggestions?


Screenshot of the very red ceiling attached.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.40.09 PM.png

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some ideas:


1. Copy /Paste the slab into a new blank vwx file and test the various renders and slab parameters. This will save render time and will not endanger your project file.

2. Post that test file here so others can try to solve.

3. I see you are working in MacOS 10.13.x  Vectorworks is not yet fully compliant with Maverics Mojave, so maybe a problem there. Maybe not. Edit: Doh! 10.13.6 is High Sierra, not Mojave.  So should be OK.

4. I see you are working in vwx2019.  Did this file start in an earlier version? There may be a problem with the conversion from earlier version or earlier 2019 Service Pack. Or maybe not.

5. Oh, and really simple - Do all the slab components have solid fill? They need fill to accept texture.


Something to try:

Make a new slab, eg in your test file.  Assign the same parameters as the problem slab, except start with solid fills rather than textures. If that renders properly, assign textures.  Pay close attention to class settings - are the components textured by class or by attribute?




Edited by Benson Shaw
Mac OS - Take a number please
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Thanks, Benson! 


I turns out that it was #5 - I didn't realize that the components would need a solid fill even if a texture was being applied to them.

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